The Magic Exercise to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain 

The Holidays are upon us and with them comes parties, decadent foods, snacks, desserts, and booze! Yay!!! Sounds like fun right? I mean who doesn't love a festive night or two with family and friends? The problem is that for most people it comes at a cost. Your fitness! Or more specifically your waistline. Why not try something different this year? 

So here it is...........

The silver bullet.......

Your golden nugget........

The BIG secret exercise that your aren't doing and ABSOLUTELY must be! 

"WHAT IS IT?" You want the secret?

Is it burpees?
Is it the rower?
Is it sprinting?
Is it big barbell lifting for time?

Wait for it..........


The secret is restraint.

You must exercise restraint! Yup. You already knew it, but are you going to do it this year? Why take 2 steps backwards before the New Year starts only to make a resolution to essentially get back to square one?

Go to the parties. Have fun. Visit and laugh with your friends. That's important quality of life stuff, but exercise some restraint.

Take smaller portions of food. Don't graze all night long. Don't go back for seconds and thirds. Drink a little less. Make smarter caloric drink choices. Pssst...that means skip the beer and bushwhackers. Try a nice gin and tonic or vodka and soda instead. Maybe an actual 4oz glass of red wine? (Get a sober driver too! Hello Uber!) 

You don't have to make all of your Holiday activities about excess. Fun can be had without ALL the foods and booze. Enjoy time with the people you love. Revel in conversation. Reflect on your year and talk about what the new one might bring. 

If you think that what I am proposing sounds unrealistic or like a real bummer that's fine. If a big part of the fun and quality of holiday parties and gatherings is in the excess that's fine. I am not here to judge, but don't bitch about the holiday weight gain when it happens. Simply set your priorities ahead of time and make a decision for yourself. There is no point in indulging with reckless abandon only to wallow in guilt and self pity after the fact. Decide on one or the other and be okay with it. If you decide that your fitness is the more important choice then 4-5 sets of restraint in the kitchen at all your gatherings is the way to go! 

Go forth and lift heavy things! 

By Kyle Hopkins. Head coach/Co-owner Fixinto Crossfit. 

Kyle Hopkins