Put your diet on a dimmer switch

Yesterday at Dynamic Strength and Performance we kicked off our “Summer Body Challenge.” In addition to checking everyone’s body composition, we hosted a short seminar to go over rules and talk about strategies for success.

As most people know, successfully changing one’s body composition (losing body fat and gaining or maintaining lean muscle mass) is heavily dependent on solid nutrition choices. The old adage that “abs are made in the kitchen” still rings very true. We spent the majority of our time talking about nutrition and eating for fat loss yesterday. Part of the problem is that too many people decide to “Go on a diet!” STOP THE MADNESS!!!!

The idea that you will “Go on a diet” means what? Eventually you will go off the diet correct? Well….this has a long standing record of failure and what we call the “y0-yo” effect. What you lost will eventually be gained back and maybe even extra weight gain on top of that will occur. Going “on” a diet is dealing in absolutes. We don’t want to deal in absolutes. Your nutrition is not a light switch! When lights are on, it is light. When they are off, it is dark. There is literally no gray area. Light and dark, much like love and hate or white and black, are extremes. The polar ends by definition. Let’s not get so yin and yangy!! (yeah I said yangy. Look it up! Wait…don’t….I digress)

Rather than being on a diet, we simply need to grasp the concept that it is time to start eating differently FOR LIFE! Try to think more in terms of your eating habits as being on a dimmer switch. You get some options! You can have varying degrees of intensity. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Got a beach vacation coming up? Dial it up a little and be strict. Winter is coming and you want a bit of comfort food? Dial it back a little.

The idea that you are done eating your favorite foods or ever indulging again is not only unrealistic, it isn’t sustainable. Sustainability is your key to success. Nobody wants to feel deprived all the time. It sucks! So adjust the intensity when the time is right. Start out strong and over time as you near your goals try cutting yourself A LITTLE slack. You’ll find it is a much more manageable approach over the long haul. Put it on a dimmer!

Go forth and lift all the heavy things!

J.Kyle. Hopkins

Brad Preslar