The Last WOD of My Life and Picking Cherries

A massive meteor is hurling towards earth and it’s going to decimate us!!!! You only have one day left and you want to get in one last WOD in!!!! What is it???

Yeah yeah….If you had one day left on earth you wouldn’t be Crossfitting! It’s called suspension of disbelief people. Bear with me.

I thought I’d have a little fun with today’s blog and also maybe demonstrate how varied everyone’s strengths and preferences are as well as chastise you about cherry picking! I mean who doesn’t love a good verbal reprimanding?

Back to our meteor. So if you could only train one more WOD in your life what movements would it include and why? I think most of us (myself included) would choose movements in their wheelhouse. A WOD they knew they could crush right? I mean who doesn’t love seeing all their favorite things paired together and feeling alpha AF? I know I do. Those days when you look at the WOD online and you can’t wait to get to the gym because it’s your jam are magical!

What would mine look like? Format? Let’s make a triplet for time. 21-15-9. Classic Crossfit.

I would start with deadlifts. Why? This is my best lift. It’s a brute force lift. Not much technical proficiency required here which suits a meathead like me well. 225# sounds pretty good.  This is about 40-45% of my 1RM. Maybe it’s 60-70% of yours. You’ll be taking long breaks and be spent early. I’ll go 11/10 then 8/7 (maybe 15 unbroken if I’m feeling particularly saucy) and finally 9 unbroken with only short breaks between my rep strategy. If you’re a fire breather you’ll beat me here, but most people (myself included) are NOT Rx+ athletes. I’ll take my chances here.

What’s next on the menu? How about some wall balls. Why? Because I can usually do decent sets of them in unbroken numbers with a good rhythm and because I don’t hate them whereas everyone else seems to. Mental advantage….me.

For the third movement I’d go with something basic like a sit up. It mixes things up a bit, it creates a pretty full body workout at this point, I can do it unbroken, it isn’t cardio heavy as my heart rate will already be up from the other 2 movements, and I won’t lose any significant time to anyone here.  Maybe double unders as an alternate 3rd movement. Only because I have just recently put the time into getting them down and I’ve been enjoying implementing the new skill in WODs. They’re fun to me now (much to my wife’s dismay. “Double unders again???”) whereas I used to hate them.

There it is. 21-15-9 for time. Deadlifts x 225#Rx/ Wall balls 20# 10′ Rx/ sit ups. 3..2…1…Go!

So what would you’re WOD look like and why? What movements and formats would you choose? Why did you choose them and that particular format?

What’s the purpose of this little game? Well just to have a bit of fun for starters (and hopefully get to know my athletes better. Please participate and leave comments here or on our FB business page) To get some free ideas for new WODs lol. No…really…I am totally using your ideas. (It’ll be reflected in your next paycheck.) They might just be your birthday WODs! Mostly to help you get some insight into your own training needs and weaknesses.

Chances are if you’re like me then you comprised a list of movements you either love or excel at. The ones you at excel at are usually the ones you love. I mean let’s be honest, I rarely find myself saying “Sweet! Overhead squats, burpees, and distance running!” Why? Because I suck at all these things. What does that mean to me and my training if I am at least somewhat serious about my progress? That I should probably be doing more of them. which brings me to the topic of picking cherries.

“Cherry picking” AKA looking at the WOD online and determining whether or not you are going to train today based upon your love, indifference, or hatred for certain movements or formats. It’s pretty simple. If you continue to avoid these days or exercises you are going to continue to suck at them. Decide what your week of training looks like before you know the WODs and stick to the plan. It’s that simple. Better yet don’t even look at the WOD. Bring your belt, your knee sleeves, your Olys, your wrist wraps, your running shoes, your jump rope, your puke bucket etc. and just be ready for whatever. It’s called a gym bag. They sell them. It’s a thing. That’s all the verbal reprimand you get. That wasn’t so bad was it slugger? Chin up.

Take a minute to compile this WOD in your head. What does your “perfect day” look like. Please play along and comment. We want to know what people love/hate the most.

Go forth and lift all the heavy things.


Brad Preslar