How to Keep Your Nutrition Strategy Simple and Sustainable in the New Year.

When it comes to nutrition (I hesitate to use the word diet as it indicates a period of time that you must endure. "Being on a diet." No bueno.) I am 100% all about simplicity. Nutrition plans that require food scales, micromanaging your macro and micronutrients, keeping detailed food diaries, and a calculator suck! I'm not saying they don't work. I'm saying you won't keep up with it. It will fail because it's a pain in the arse! 

I've said it before and I'll say it here again, paleo, zone, Atkins, IIFYM, South beach, weight watchers and blah blah blah....... (this list could go a while) all work when implemented properly. Take that last part in again. "When implemented properly." That's important. Why do they all work? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller.....Anyone? (Old person joke) Because calories. That's why. 

If weight loss is your goal then you must have a higher weekly/daily output of energy or burning of fuel then you have input of fuel to burn. Simple. Calories in calories out. To simplify even more (if you're a numbers person) a 3500 calorie deficit a week = 1lb of fat loss. That's 500 calories below your maintenance level daily.

Still sound complicated? There's math involved and calorie counting now. I'm still not really a fan of this although it rings true and is accurate. So what's an even better method? Well check out this article I am adding on here. This is NOT my article. This is written by Andy Morgan from

I sat down this morning to write a blog on healthy eating habits, balancing your diet, ways to make easy choices without having to weigh and measure every little thing, the hierarchy of micronutrients, meal size and timing, and supplements. I saw this in my Facebook feed and it is LITERALLY everything I would have written and I completely agree with 99.9999% of what is in this article. (Protein intake in heavy lifting athletes training with intensity 5 days weekly might.....MIGHT.....need to be a touch higher.) 

So why write the blog? I'll take the easy route and write this little bit and send you to this link because it says everything I know to be true and believe works. And it's simple to understand. The author even hit the nail on the head with the few supplements I believe have value. 

I will bring this up on our screens in our seminar for the Lean Body Challenge and discuss this. Why? Because simplicity leads to sustainability. Sustainability is the key to success and continued progress.…/only-nutrition-article-athletes-need/

Go forth and lift all the heavy things. 

Kyle Hopkins