HSN Nutrition Challenge

What is it?

This is a 6 week Nutrition and training challenge with a concentration on losing body fat through proper nutrition and a commitment to a consistent exercise routine.

What is “HSN”?

This is our personalized nutrition program. Healthy Steps Nutrition is a “Zone Diet” based system that relies on “Blocks” of macronutrients that gets matched to very individual’s goals and is intended to optimize hormones. The system was developed by Nicole Aucoin, a registered licensed nutritionist and CrossFit affiliate owner/CrossFit athlete.

What does the challenge cost?

$199 for current members on a monthly membership (Punch cards or regular drop ins do not count. This price is for full monthly members.) $399 for non-monthly members. The value of what is included at regular separate prices is close to $600. If you win the challenge, win your money back, and win the lifestyle challenge the total value as a non member is well over $1,000!!!!

When is it?

The opening seminar will be on Saturday January 26th starting at 12 pm. Body insight Rx testing will be done that day. Measurements and the “Phase one” of HSN will be done with each person that enters. Coaches Jenny Gray and Alison Egerton will figure out how many “Blocks” of Macros each individual participant will need in the Zone system and get them their 4 weeks of recipes and grocery lists that are personalized to them. The actual contest will begin Monday January 28th and the last day will be Friday March 8th. The second Body insight Rx test will be either during that final week by personal appointment with Josh Bridges (Insight Body Rx professional) or in house on Saturday March 9th. The winner will be announced that Saturday.

How do you win?

Simple. Lose the highest percentage of body fat in 6 weeks. A second place prize will be given for “Lifestyle points and social media challenges.” It is absolutely possible for the same person to win both of these things.

How many people can participate?

We are limiting this challenge to a maximum of 30 people. Once we have hit that number registration will close down.

What does it include?

  1. An opening seminar that includes an explanation of the rules, ways to get and stay motivated, training and nutrition tips and advice, What exactly HSN is and what the Zone diet is, and an explanation of classes available to all the participants.

  2. Body insight Rx testing ($35 value)

  3. “Phase 1” of HSN for every participant. ($199 value) This is INDIVIDUALIZED meal planning for every participant.

  4. A “Rising Sun 6 week challenge” T-shirt or tank for all early entrants. (22nd is the cutoff date for this. $25 value. We will need to know your size and preference of T-shirt or ladies muscle tank by this date.)

  5. 6 weeks of unlimited training at CrossFit Rising sun. ($283.50 value)

  6. A chance to win the grand prize of 2 months of free unlimited training. ($378 value)

  7. A CHANCE to beat the system and win all of your entry money back! ($199-$399 value)

  8. A chance to win the “Lifestyle” challenge. ($50 Amazon gift card)

  9. Accountability, a closed facebook page for support, fun, and the opportunity to share tips and recipes etc, a chance to make new friends and join a fun and supportive group of like minded people, and to HIT YOUR GOALS for the new year and get on track to a consistent pattern of living a happier and healthier life!

  10. Three “3 compartment containers” to assist in meal prep.

  11. The opportunity to join CFRS after the challenge at the $169 unlimited everything monthly price. (This price will go to $189 soon. Likely before the end of the challenge. We are currently offering this to the first 20 people. We have already sold 8 of them.) That price will remain available to all participants for 1 week after the end of the challenge.

What is the “Lifestyle challenge”?

This will be a secondary challenge with a weekly opportunity to gather a maximum of 8 “Lifestyle points.”


  • 1 point weekly for a “Lifestyle” decision. Take a slow walk with no devices, consciously put your phone down to read, engage in conversation or go to sleep earlier, get a solid 8 hours of sleep at least 5 days in the week, take 10 minutes to meditate, take part in some healthy recovery like a swim, a hot bath, yoga, or a sauna.

  • 1 point weekly for the “Facebook challenge.” We will put out a weekly challenge on our closed facebook page. (Ideas: share a recipe on the page, take a video of you doing an exercise in public, take a pic of you wearing some of our swag out in public, share a motivating article or blog on the page, send someone a care package or write an actual letter and mail it to someone. etc. etc. ) The new challenge will be posted weekly on the closed page by midnight on Sunday. Your weekly Lifestyle challenge points must be submitted to us NO LATER than midnight (12 am) the following Sunday.

  • 1 Point weekly for “pay it forward.” (Do something nice for someone else weekly.)

  • 1 point weekly for ZERO alcohol. Not. 1. Drop.

    This is honor system. Be honorable.

    Win this portion of the challenge and get a $50 Amazon gift card. If there is a tie the tie break goes to the individual that lost the most body fat. You will need all 8 points EVERY single week to have a chance to win ALL OF YOUR MONEY BACK.

    In the unlikely event that there is an exact tie on BF% ,then the “Lifestyle Points” will be the tiebreaker. In the even more and almost impossible event that both areas are an exact tie, then a simple coin flip will determine the winner.

What do I win?

EVERYONE that has some success wins because you made a very positive change and started to take control of your health! Yeah yeah…. you wanna know what the REAL prize is??? 2 more months of UNLIMITED free training at CFRS. ($378 value)

How can I win ALL of my entry money back and stick it to the man?

No gimmicks here and no false promises. This CAN be done, but it will be DIFFICULT! You’ll have to be perfect! Here is what you have to do and we will be absolute sticklers about every aspect of this. Not one single exception.

  1. You must start by losing a minimum of 8% body fat in the 6 weeks. (We will talk about this as a reality and why we ABSOLUTELY don’t want anyone starving or making bad decisions for their health just to do it.)

  2. You must earn the maximum of 48 lifestyle points. That’s every point every week!

  3. You must publicly “check in”  at CFRS on FB at all 4 workouts you attend during the week. You can’t miss one single time.

  4. You must tag us in a separate FB post once weekly on your personal page.

  5. You must try 4 different styles of class in the 6 week span. (Bootcamp, Body burn, Abs express, Crossfit Express, Barre, Yoga, Boxing, Open gym etc)

  6. You must give us a review on 2 out of 3 places during this 6 weeks on (our Facebook public page, Yelp, or Google.) (We want an honest review. We absolutely DO NOT demand any amount of stars etc. If you think we suck then say so and give us the appropriate amount of stars!)

  7. You MUST be in the closed FB page group and you MUST submit your Lifestyle points weekly before the deadline. (Weekly by midnight EVERY Sunday. At 12:01 a.m. you are late. We will be THAT strict. This will be submitted to kyle@crossfitrisingsun.com) We will post a weekly tally or leaderboard of Lifestyle points.

  8. You MUST agree to take before and after photos. At the beginning and end of the 6 week challenge. This isn’t anything invasive or inappropriate. It’s a simple pic of you holding a whiteboard the says Rising Sun HSN 6 week challenge with the date on it. One pic straight on and one from a profile. Your level of “dress down” is completely up to you. Pics will be take privately by our coaches Jenny gray and Alison Egerton if preferred. This is by no means meant to be awkward or invasive. We simply want you to see your progress and the physical change in your bodies.

What is “Body insight Rx testing”?

This is a very comprehensive test of weight, body fat, BMI, intramuscular water, muscle mass, and muscular imbalances among other important stats. It is the most accurate testing we have seen used barring medical hydrostatic testing.

Can I miss workouts or be gone for any period of time and still win?

Yes! You aren’t likely to win the Lifestyle challenge and you definitely can’t win your money back, but if your diet is on point then you can still lose the most body fat and win the challenge. More importantly you can still make great progress and meet your own personal goals. This is actually a GREAT opportunity to learn to exercise self control and moderation. Vacations DO NOT need to be filled with gluttonous eating and drinking to be enjoyable.

Do workouts elsewhere count towards the 4 times weekly lifestyle points?

The simple answer is no. They will absolutely help you achieve your goals and we definitely encourage extracurricular physical activities. You just can’t count them towards the lifestyle challenge.

That is it folks!!!! LET’S. DO. THIS.

This is your HSN challenge! We are not selling you pills. We are not selling you powders. No magic beans. No weight loss belts or cellulite creams or crazy starvation “diets” filled with cabbage and grapefruit cayenne water cleanses etc! That stuff is garbage and will ultimately have a negative impact on your health and metabolic rate. Quite simply, we are selling you proper information, a plan to change your habits, exercise and the proper path to a healthier you! We are selling you HARD WORK AND LASTING HABITS to change the way you live!

Are you ready to take control of your own health and body? There are some areas of life that we will rarely have control of. You must simply learn to adapt and roll with the punches. Your health and physical well being is something YOU can play an active roll in and improve drastically.