Perfect Balance Fitness Membership

True fitness encompasses so much more than simply" looking fit."  It is a puzzle that has numerous pieces that need to be put together before it becomes the whole picture. 

At Crossfit Rising Sun we want our members to gain strength, power, speed, stamina, balance, agility, and have both cardiovascular and muscular endurance. We also REALLY stress the importance of proper nutrition and recovery.  So what does it take to achieve this type of fitness? It takes balance! That is why we have created the "Perfect Balance Fitness" membership.

What does it include?

1 weekly session of personal training focused on strength and scheduled when you need it.

Weekly access to:
1 weekly Lean Body Bootcamp class, Body Burn class, OR Boxing class
2 "Express" 30-minute classes OR a single 1-hour "Core fusion" class (A hybrid of Pilates, Yoga, and mobility work) OR any other Yoga, Pilates, or mobility class that we currently offer or add on in the future. 

Last, but certainly not least is our "HSN" (Healthy Steps Nutrition) personalized nutrition program. This includes personal meetings with our head nutrition coach, coach check ins and accountability, specialized eating plans and recipes, grocery shopping lists.

Recurring body composition (insight Rx testing) checks to make sure you are moving in the right direction.

This is EVERYTHING you need to get on track to make steady progress towards ALL of your fitness goals! 

What does it cost?

$299 – This simple month-to-month membership plan for those looking for the perfect balance! Give it a try today and see what this type of balance and guidance can do for you! A monthly value on all of these services separately would be almost double this price!!!! This is a NO CONTRACT membership.

What is “Body insight Rx testing”?

This is a very comprehensive test of weight, body fat, BMI, intramuscular water, muscle mass, and muscular imbalances among other important stats. It is the most accurate testing we have seen used barring medical hydrostatic testing.