Free Trial + Introductory Offers

Get started with one of four great options to get you healthier, stronger, and leaner. You'll have more fun training then you thought possible.


Experienced CrossFitter

Choose your membership and sign up, or contact us for a free trial.

Fit & Active w/o Crossfit Experience

For Athletes with no prior CrossFit experience, these 3 one hour private sessions are required to get you familiar with our fundamental movements, common terminology, and frequently used formats. It's everything you need to know to integrate into group classes with confidence and safety.

(A prior commitment to 3 months of classes is required to get this highly discounted price for personal training. Our normal price would be just under $200.)

$100 Introductory Offer – A huge discount with a three-month CrossFit membership requirement.

Lean Body Bootcamp

60-minute class focused on weight loss and scorching body fat, with an introduction to barbell training. Intense cardiovascular exercise, bodyweight movements, plyometrics, dumbbell, and kettlebell work are the heart of this program. This is NOT CrossFit. Accessible to all ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels.


If you want to see the facility, have questions, or want to meet our trainers, and get a feel for the box with zero commitment, let us know. Use our contact page to get in touch and we'll set something up.