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Monthly Memberships

$189 Unlimited Everything
(3 month initial commitment)

$169 Unlimited CrossFit
(3 month initial commitment, unlimited access to any CrossFit class, including open gym)

$149 — Unlimited Bootcamp and Studio classes
(Includes CrossFit Express and any other non CrossFit class, including open gym)

$159 — 3 CrossFit classes weekly
(3 month initial commitment)

$150 Active Military and Emergency Responders Unlimited Everything
(3 month initial commitment, 20% discount)

$325 — Couples Unlimited Everything
(Any couple that can show they share residency and billing, 15% discount, 3 month initial commitment)

HSN Challenge

$149 — 6 week challenge for current monthly members
Includes HSN program and the challenge entry (normal monthly billing for classes continues) 

$349 — 6 week challenge for non monthly members x 3 classes weekly included
No crossfit included without prior experience, crossfit start up clinic included

$449 — 6 week challenge for non members unlimited classes
Unlimited classes weekly + CrossFit start up clinic included

$149 — 6 week challenge “Earn as you Burn” non members
with a 1 year unlimited contract at discounted "Earn as you Burn" rate after the challenge is over. Includes unlimited classes and the CrossFit start up clinic.


Nutrition Coaching

$199 — HSN Phase 1
One-time fee for Phase 1 of our personal nutrition coaching. Includes meal plans, recipes, grocery shopping list for 1 month,  body composition testing, measurements, access to the HSN app, check ins and accountability, and a final check in to recheck all stats at the 1 month mark.

$79 — HSN Phase 2
Month to month continued nutrition coaching.

Punch Cards

$130 — 10 Classes (experience required for CrossFit, includes Revolve Cycle)
$60 — 10 “Express” (30-minute) Classes


Drop Ins

$15 — Single Class
$7.50 — Express Single Class (30 Minutes)
$50 — 1-week (5 Classes, Limited to out of town visitors)


Start Up Program

$100 — 3 One Hour Private Sessions

For Athletes with no prior CrossFit experience, these 3 one hour private sessions are required to get you familiar with our fundamental movements, common terminology, and frequently used formats. It's everything you need to know to integrate into group classes with confidence and safety.
(A prior commitment to 3 months of classes is required to get this highly discounted price for personal training. Our normal price would be just under $200.)


Rental Space

Rental space for personal trainers available. Are you a certified personal trainer looking for space to branch out from a corporate gym and train your own clients? Give us a call today to discuss options and come in to see our facility. 


We can't wait to meet you, please contact us if you have any questions.