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BodyInsightRX Testing

The BodyInsightRx Test gives you a snapshot of where your fitness or health level is today and allows you to accurately track your improvements over time. Whether you are trying to enhance muscular development, lose body fat, or even want to discover muscle imbalance, the BodyInsightRx test will give you accurate and measurable results.

  • Discover the muscle mass in your arms, legs, and trunk

  • Visceral Fat Quantification (the fat that most impacts your cardiovascular and metabolic health)

  • Track muscle growth and fat loss in segmented body parts

  • Discover muscle size imbalance between limbs (a valuable measurement for athletes)

The test provides a comprehensive color report. They will be able to explain the results of your test. If requested, they can provide you with nutrition and exercise advice to maximize your results and speed up the process to achieving your health and wellness goals. 

Travel WODs

Travel WODs for anytime you're on the go. The linked sheet includes 75 different travel WODs for those days when you can't get to a box or gym, or when the one you can get to doesn't have the equipment you need. 

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